I logged into Anthem for the first time the day prior to this since the new stronghold became released, which I directly played once and then wandered far from the game once more. I signed on for one purpose, I saw that there had been a store refresh, and there has been an unwell set of Ranger armor there. I dropped a group of difficult-earned coins on it, then I noticed there has been additionally an amazing wrap and paint fabric too. So I offered those as well.
Then I left again.
Aesthetically, this is one issue that Anthem has gotten very, very right. While it’s gun designs are particularly restrained and lackluster, Anthem is much better at setting out without a doubt outstanding armor units for its four javelin training, and despite the sport including little content considering release, it has introduced quite a number of actually badass armor loadouts. Combine that with Anthem’s extremely deep paint and material customization machine, and you could spend hours designing your Javelin to appearance as precise and beautiful as you need, and due to the fact that armor is beauty, you don’t should worry about your stats or competencies.
To me, this is an (uncommon) advantage that Anthem has over its competition. The Division is caught in current so the coolest factor it could do with how you look makes you get dressed up like a cop or provide you with a horrifying mask. Destiny has had true armor sets within the past, positive, however, the one’s days are basically at the back of it, plus it ties stats into armor so that you will often be compelled to seem like a large number that allows you to get the loadout you want. Borderlands doesn’t do armor at all. The handiest games Anthem is similar to in this regard are probable Diablo and Warframe, and it gives deeper customization than either of those.

And but it’s miles squandering this opportunity by putting all this armor in the store, and literally nowhere else in the sport.
The trouble is center to Anthem’s monetization version. The game promised that it would now not have any paid DLC, so in flip, it needed to make submit-release sales in different ways. And at the same time as it additionally promised no loot boxes, that means it has an outstanding keep that includes each armor set, along with side vinyl, decals, materials, emotes and poses.
It’s now not even about being pressured to pay for cool armor, due to the fact you could genuinely earn it in-sport. With enough coins, you could buy full sets of armor instead of spending $10 for them, which is approximately what they fee in any other case, but genuinely, it feels just as lame as it’d be if you were shopping for it. And the longer Anthem is going, the more resources of cash have appeared to dry up, mainly on the grounds that weekly coin earning is in part tied to your buddies actively playing Anthem throughout the week. And with ninety%+ of the player base having fled, this is glaringly a hard prospect at this degree.
But even without loot bins, regardless of a direction to shop for armor for free in the store, it nonetheless simply feels…incorrect. I’ve previously said that Destiny shouldn’t be positioned (usually excellent looking) armor in its Eververse keep, but that’s most effective a handful of units over the direction of 12 months, and there are nevertheless loads of sets to find out of doors of that. Anthem’s gadget is every armor set being inside its microtransaction store, and even if there’s a course to in the end earn that stuff without cost, it is not pleasing.

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