To give our readers better perception into the global mobile video games enterprise, we’ve teamed up with market information firm Sensor Tower to deliver you specific weekly charts from key international locations.
These rank games with the aid of free downloads paid downloads and the pinnacle grocers throughout the App Store and Google Play. Each week we’ll be masking the USA, Great Britain and Ireland, and China (iOS handiest) markets.
This week’s charts cowl the period from April twenty-second to 28th.
US Charts
Traffic Run from Geisha Tokyo has raced to the top of America charts without spending a dime downloads across both the App Store and Google Play. Popcorn Games’ Folding Blocks additionally cracked the top 10 on both charts at fourth on iOS and 8th on Android.
Only one new entrant for paid installs entered the top 10 rankings, with Fabled Game’s Pirates Outlaws sneaking in at 9th on Google Play.
Roblox has been at the upward thrust for a couple of weeks and has now made it to the first role for iOS, though it didn’t even sign up inside the Google Play top 10.
King’s Candy Crush Saga meanwhile regained top spot from Niantic’s Pokemon Go on Android.

After SayGames’ Clean Road swept up first place throughout both the British and Ireland charts for the duration of the week of April fifteenth, Traffic Run has now messed up its victory with the aid of claiming pinnacle spot – cementing a stellar debut for the Geisha Tokyo identify.
Popcorn Games had per week to bear in mind too, way to Folding Blocks ranking 2nd at the App Store and 5th on Google Play.
There became little motion while it came to the top grossers, as Moon Active’s Coin Master resisted all attempts to dethrone its high role. WB Games’ Game of Thrones re-entered the iOS charts at 10th, likely because of finale collection of the hit display airing.
In China, Drift Race 3-d from Joyfort clawed returned the first vicinity after Tencent’s Let’s Hunt Monsters claimed the spot for free downloads an ultimate week.
It wasn’t all bad news for Tencent but, as Ever Adventure made its debut at third while four different titles from the organization remained in the top 10.
The top four grossing titles remained unchanged with Tencent once more closely dominating, courtesy of Honor of Kings and Perfect World. Interviewer: I’m a sucker for big-branded mobile games like Iron Man; however I’m often disappointed by the poor gameplay and rushed level design. It seems a lot of these games, especially movie tie-ins, are rushed to production with the idea that customers will pay for anything with a brand attached. Viva La Mobile has been on both sides of this argument, with branded games like Super Puzzle Bobble and non-branded games like Badlands. How important is a brand when it comes to making a game that sells? Are branded games the future? Will there be any room for the little guy?
David: You’re spot on about the movie tie-ins. We continually see big branded titles with second rate gameplay being rushed to the carrier decks with the assumption that customers will pay for anything with a brand attached. And the sad thing is they often do. This has caused some real problems as consumers aren’t idiots and the poor value for money being provided by some of these big brands is keeping the growth of the industry stagnant. I think the major sales channels (carrier decks) are quite guilty here too as they will push anything with a big brand to the top of the deck at the expense of unbranded titles that may have awesome game-play innovation within. Innovation is not being rewarded and the little guy is finding the going tough. The net effect is that more innovative companies are turning away from the carrier decks and this is probably where the long term future of the industry lies.
When Viva La Mobile licensed Puzzle Bobble for multiplayer we did so for two main reasons: It is a well-recognized games brand with a proven history of success, and it is built on solid addictive game-play. It has been a popular game wherever we launch it, but our non-branded multiplayer titles have also held their own. A title like Badlands has succeeded long term on the merits of its real-time multiplayer innovation – there simply isn’t anything else out there quite like it. So innovative un-branded mobile games can succeed without a brand, but take a lot longer and require a viral buzz.

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