One of Ghana’s maximum reputable corporate names, Lucy Quist, will speak at Wednesday’s Africa Women’s Sports Summit taking location at the Swiss Spirit Alisa Hotel.
Madam Quist will be a part of a number of different audio system from across the continent for the maiden version.
She brings to this year’s occasion an awesome dose of knowledge and portfolio. She changed into till remaining week, the second maximum effective character in soccer in Ghana, retaining the placement of Vice President of the FIFA Normalization Committee.
Beyond sports activities, she is the Author of The Bold New Normal, a new ebook out on the sale. She is passionate about empowering young people across the African continent to absolutely comprehend their potential. In 2014, She began writing to interact, encourage and empower the next technology of African leaders. She travels around the world talking on leadership, business, and era.
The summit is a brainchild of International Sports Journalist Juliet Bawuah. It seeks to offer a platform for mentorship, and extra female inclusion inside the African sports activities ecosystem while running toward creating conditions that go an extended manner to assist the African woman in sports activities acquire career dreams.
The event could be held below the theme: “Take Your Place”, highlighting and cause conversations about empowering younger girl sports Journalists and upcoming capabilities to guide and affect their communities.
The Pan-African occasion will take stock of the gains made to date by African girls in sports activities, and provide a clean course to fill the gaps whilst taking leadership roles for the future.
2019 #AWSportsSummit is supported by Swiss Spirit Alisa Hotel, Kenya Airways, Expert Travel, Dr. Bates Solutions, and Stimulus.

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