Editor’s Note: This is part 2 of a 3-part collection on trail strolling.
STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — The professionalism of path running isn’t always concrete.
Ultra-length path strolling races international have varying weather elements, terrain, and elevation. It’s nearly impossible to inform who is on the pinnacle of the sport, in particular given that there’s a physical restriction to the number of races they are able to deal with every year.
There’s nonetheless a hard and fast of elite runners who’re capable of make a career out of extremely-strolling thru sponsorships, race profits, and training while not having to work a normal 9 a.M. To 5 p.M. Job.
Making an Income
Steamboat Springs-based totally extremely runners Avery Collins and Sabrina Stanley give up their 9 a.M. To 5 p.M. Jobs in February of last 12 months to pursue ultra jogging complete-time.
Stanley, the former general supervisor at Cruisers Sub Shop and a component-time employee at an espresso save in Steamboat, stated she believed Collins and herself ought to make enough cash on education going for walks couples however located that sponsorships stepped up their ultra going for walks recreation.
“I started with ambassador applications and getting loose gear,” Stanley stated. “Then I did truly well at the Western States in 2017. After I took third that’s when they were actual sponsorships. That’s when I was given geared towards doing more competitive races, and the whole thing sort of fell into location after that.”
Sponsorships are gained via top performances at elite races. Stanley gained the distinguished Hardrock a hundred on July 22, 2018.
“Sponsorships are likely 80% of my earnings,” Stanley said. “There are three categories: monthly check, race bonus or getting journey paid for. There’s max on each one of these. We do electricity couple training on the side, concentrate on ultra runners and ideally mountain runners. Between the two people — we range — we keep 10-15 athletes.”
There are a few races that offer a cash prize. Steamboat is home to Run Rabbit Run 100, which has the best coins handbag of any race. Durango’s Jason Schlarb and Conifer’s Michele Yates received the 2018 Run Rabbit Run a hundred, which covered a coins prize of $12,500.
Yates, like Stanley, coaches at the aspect. She owns her very own organization referred to as Rugged Running, where she offers camps, individualized coaching and sells strolling apparel. Yates was able to start constructing her logo as an expert street runner, competing inside the Olympic trials for marathon running in 2008 and 2012.
In 2013, Yates made the switch to trail ultra going for walks and won The Northface Endurance Challenge and Run Rabbit Run. She has become the highest paid woman extremely runner that 12 months.
“I don’t think you ought to do the sport for the money. Of path, it helps,” Yates stated. “In 2013, it paid for my journey to The Northface — that’s in California — due to the fact flights and lodges are greater pricey. It’s beneficial, however, I don’t think you can rely on that. But truly, ultra running must be made simply as plenty as the Boston Marathon because it’s that a whole lot more difficult.”
Schlarb’s resume consists of triumphing Run Rabbit Run in 2013, 2015 and 2018, the Hardrock one hundred in 2016 and completed because of the pinnacle American on the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc in 2014. He entered the sport in 2010, beginning with The Northface. In 2013, Schlarb commenced jogging complete-time on sponsorships alone.
“I make more than the minimum salary, however, I’m not buying new automobiles,” Schlarb said. “Still skeleton bone dry for any type of professional degree recreation. In the 50-kilometer or the one hundred mile ultra going for walks scene, there is probably now not greater than 10 dudes and five women which might be dwelling full day without work of this kind of money.”
Sponsorships paintings in another way. Both Stanley and Schlarb note that their biggest sponsor is Altra Footwear, that is now owned by VF Corporation. Stanley’s extra sponsors encompass Pure Power Botanicals, OS1st Base Layer Clothing, Cranked Naturals and Michael David Winery. Schlarb’s are Ultimate Direction, Spring Energy and others that provide race-specific incentives.
“An athlete will do well, have some consequences, an awesome social following and get picked up by way of a big emblem like Altra, Hoka, The Northface,” Schlarb stated. “And then there’s smaller tertiary brands that aid via nutrients or socks or clothing.”
Races for the most elite
Whether or not a race can pay a coins prize isn’t what draws runners to them. Sponsors would possibly encourage runners to participate in certain races or even provide incentive, but for the maximum component, ultra runners make their very own calendars primarily based on what races they want to enjoy in one of a kind elements of the world and how nicely they can carry out.
“On average, I do two one hundred-milers six months aside, then I build out the relaxation of my schedule,” Stanley said. “I wish more races did have a coins payout. I try to do races I can do well at. The 2nd component is how aggressive they may be because more sponsors will like it and more publicity you’re going to get.”
Entering a headlining race is the important thing to getting noticed. There are three in the U.S. And one abroad which can be typically identified because the most prestigious by the top runners inside the commercial enterprise.

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