Have you ever won a match you in no way competed in? Have you ever stolen the ball from an opponent to gain a competitive advantage?
If the answer to both or each of these questions is not any, then you definately’re not cheating at the very best degree. Which is to mention, you’re not dishonest like President Donald Trump.
In a new ebook, Commander in Cheat, sportswriter Rick Reilly explores Trump’s complicated courting with the game of golf and indicates the close to-heroic efforts he makes to lie approximately his rankings, sabotage his fighters, and usually defraud the game.

Trump’s dishonest at golfing may seem trivial as compared to his political shenanigans, but there’s some other way to consider it: Golf is a recreation constructed on self-governance, Reilly says, and in that manner, it’s like a “Rorschach take a look at on your morality.” And some of the memories approximately Trump are actually absurd. “In an unusual manner,” Reilly advised me, they “say as a good deal about Trump as nearly whatever else we realize about him because it cuts to the middle of his man or woman.”
A gently edited transcript of my communique with Reilly follows.
Sean Illing
Trump claims to have won at least 20 membership championships at his golf courses. What is a club championship? And how lots of the ones has he truly gained?
Rick Reilly
Once 12 months, each u. S. Club has a club championship for the satisfactory players. It lasts or 3 days, and it’s a large element in case you win it. The quality player I realize of at this degree received 8 of these membership championships — that’s the maximum I’ve ever heard of.
Trump’s going around telling human beings he has won 20. But that’s a hundred percent a lie. I clearly performed with him as soon as, and he instructed me how he does it: Whenever he opens a brand new golfing path because he owns 14 and operates some other five, he plays the first club champion via himself and declares that the membership championship and puts his call on the wall.
But it’s typically just him and Melania inside the cart and nobody else. He just makes it up.
Sean Illing
Give me the maximum outrageous cheating tale.
Rick Reilly
Well, this story isn’t inside the e-book but it’s wild. While Trump becomes meeting with Kim Jong Un in Singapore, a membership championship changed into held at Trump International, the route Trump constructed close to Mar-a-Lago in Florida. So afterward, Trump’s lower back on the path there with the Secret Service and the SWAT group guys and all that stuff. And he sees Ted Virtue, who became concerned in the financing of the movie Green Book.
I ought to never get Virtue to call me returned on all this, however, Golf.Com reported it and I heard it from individuals of the club as well. They say Virtue became there gambling along with his son. Trump sees Ted on the ninth hole and decides to force his cart over. He tells Ted: “Congrats on prevailing the membership championship, but you didn’t actually win it, due to the fact I become out of town.”
Ted tries to chortle it off, but Trump is useless severe. Trump says, “We’re gonna play these ultimate six holes for the championship.” And Ted’s like, “Oh, well, I’m gambling with my son, but thank you besides.” But Trump says, “It’s okay. Your son can play, too.” So what are you going to do? He’s the president. It’s his route. They grow to be playing.
Apparently, they get to a hollow with a large pond in the front of the inexperienced. Both Ted and his son hit the ball at the green, however, Trump hits his inside the water. By the time they get to the hole, though, Trump is lining up the son’s ball. Only now it’s his ball and the caddie has switched it.
The son is like, “That’s my ball!” But Trump’s caddie is going, “No, this is the president’s ball; your ball went inside the water.” Ted and his son have a look at every different harassed, no longer sure if that is truly taking place. Trump makes that putt and wins one up. Then, in step with Golf.Com, he tells Virtue something like, “I’ll inform you what, we’ll be co-champions.”
But the contributors inform me that while you look at the plaques on Trump’s locker there, it says: “2018 Men’s Club Champion.” No “co-” in any respect.

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