Albuquerque police arrested a man on Friday, accusing him of killing a University of New Mexico (UNM) baseball participant at a popular restaurant final weekend.
Darian Bashir, 23, turned into taken into custody at a condominium on Saturday and arrested without incident. He faces a count number of homicide in the shooting of Jackson Weller, 23.
Friends of Weller told police the previous baseball participant turned into in a fight earlier than the capturing, but that Bashir wasn’t worried, in step with The Albuquerque Journal.

Video surveillance appears to show Bashir committing the crime, officials say. Detectives say he turned into later seen in an automobile rushing away from the scene, although it’s now not clear if he becomes riding the car.
Police located Weller at 2:15 a.M. Mendacity on the road. He turned into mentioned useless on the health center quickly after.

According to police, 3 witnesses saw Bashir preserving a gun, and of them said seeing him shoot Weller and walk away.
Bashir become arrested and charged with the irritated attack with a lethal weapon on Feb. 13. For allegedly firing a weapon out of an automobile, however, Judge Richard Brown released Bashir because he had “minimal criminal history” and “no criminal convictions.”

Tributes for Weller have been planned on the UNM baseball crew’s sport in opposition to UNLV on Saturday. Ray Birmingham, the educate for UNM, tweeted a photo of the group’s lineup for the sport, with Weller protected as the beginning pitcher

A massive heart formed wreath with a move in his baseball glove had been additionally located on the pitcher’s mound at the back of a huge poster with Weller’s call on it, the caption reading “We love you, Jackson Weller.”

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