Ankle Sprains- Although still wanting in detailed statistical studies, some research papers have shown that on an average, ankle sprains constitute more than half of all reported badminton injuries. An ankles sprain can be described as the stretching and or tearing of ligaments and muscles in the ankle. In extreme cases, there may also be damage to tendons, bones and other joint tissues. The resulting bleeding within tissues can cause sudden edema and swelling of the ankle, which is third-degree sprains, often takes more than 6 months to heal completely. Ankle sprains are accidental in 99% of the incidences and happen when the player lands on his partner’s foot or on the floor with his own foot turned inwards, outwards or flexed. The extremely quick directional changes required during badminton, often cause the feet to roll over or twist, resulting in a sprained ankle. Fatigue, extra body weight and shoes with more than normal ‘grip’ are frequent contributors to such injuries.
Meniscus Tear- This also goes by the layman-friendly alias ‘Torn Cartilage Knee Injury’ and is as painful as a sprained ankle. During the intricate footwork required during a badminton game, the meniscus or cartilage, which provides a soft cushioning between the thigh and shin bones, sometimes ruptures, causing pain in the joint line of the knee, swelling, and inability to flex the leg completely. This may sometimes also be accompanied by an injured or totally ruptured ligament, which increases the pain factor and healing time. Normally, the swelling and pain settle down easily for most people. However for some sportspersons, the knee can become prone to knee locking or ‘giving way’, in which case, surgery is required.
Muscle Strain- Unexpected movements, such as a sudden overhead smash, may put muscles in various parts of the body under pressure, thereby causing a disruption of fibers in the affected muscle. This can result in pain, swelling, bruising and in extreme case, loss of function. Muscles commonly affected are the hamstring, knee, shoulder, and calf, to name a few.

ITANAGAR, May 10: The first Sub-junior State Ranking Badminton Tournament began at the MLA Cottage badminton stadium here amid a big gathering of sports lovers, notwithstanding the inclement weather.
More than two hundred young badminton players from various districts, clubs, and institutions from across the country are participating within the tourney, vying for the prestigious title.
The event is being prepared through the Arunachal State Badminton Association (ASBA). The three-day event will feature competitions inside the doubles and singles categories for boys and girls inside the U-nine, U-eleven and U-13 age organizations.
Arunachal Olympic Association secretary-preferred Abraham K Techi declared the match open. In his cope with, he suggested the younger badminton enthusiasts maintain up the hobby in sports activities along with their research.
“Use your skills to bring countrywide and international laurels to the country and u . S. A. As a whole” said Tech.
He also recommended the gamers to “set your goal to represent India, and paintings tough to attain your desires.”
Informing that many youths from the kingdom have finished nicely in countrywide level competitions, he said grooming at a tender age might help them develop in stature and understanding.
ASBA secretary Bamang Tago informed that organizing the tourney for the Under-nine age institution is the primary of its kind inside the united states.
“We are the primary to organize an opposition for them, in order that young shuttlers may be groomed from a tender age,” Tago stated.
He said the ASBA is aiming to create recognition amongst parents and instill a feeling of competitiveness a number of the young badminton lovers of the country.

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