Tyson Fury has spoken out on claims that he avoided going through Deontay Wilder inside the following couple of months, and brought a scathing assessment of his rival’s ability.
Fury is about to tackle Tom Schwarz inside the first fight of his multi-million-pound cope with ESPN and Top Rank Boxing, which intended he and Wilder neglected out on an instantaneous rematch.
The Gypsy King has now thrilled lovers by predicted when the pair will meet once more, and selected later this 12 months, shunning Joshua in the technique.
“I assume 2019. I think December we’re gonna see the rematch,” Fury told Behind the Gloves
“We’re gonna see me kick his ass once more. This time although, he won’t be able to stay with me.
“I’d just had little fight comebacks [before the first meeting between the pair].
“I’ve been returned well over a yr [now], I’m sturdy at the weight and I don’t should lose any weight.
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