The White Rhino is taking on David Price on July 20 in the important assist for Dillian Whyte’s headliner as opposed to Oscar Rivas at The O2 Arena.
Allen is coming off the again of the biggest win of his profession – on the same venue – towards former world heavyweight champion Lucas Browne remaining month.
The TKO victory has placed Allen large wins far from a potential world title shot following a stop-begin expert career up to now.
But the Doncaster fighter has discovered in an interview with NFL TV that he is looking to grasp up his gloves inside the next 36 months.

He has these days taken younger prospect Danny Murrell under his wing and cited his paintings with young boxers as a reason why he may also retire from the ring sooner than many anticipate.
“I beat Lucas Browne the alternative week and I enjoyed it very plenty,” Allen said, before searching closer to Murrell.
“But he had a spar a few weeks later and he did incredibly well against an amazing pro.
“I was given a far bigger buzz out of that.

“I hope to have a very successful 12, 18, maybe 36 months after which get out the sport and teach him.
“I think that’s where my passion is. Whether I’m any right at it, I don’t recognize.
“But he’s improving, I think, so I’m satisfied with it.”

At the age of 27, it is early for a fighter to already be considering retirement.
But Allen defined his thoughts, announcing: “The factor is, I get to hit lots, my tongue’s knackered, my lower back’s knackered, I’m worn out.
“It’s a whole lot easier watching him (Murrell). I want to be worried in boxing due to the fact I revel in it but I just get greater satisfaction out of seeing others do nicely.”Pastry boxes are normally produced according to the requirements of the consumer. However, the box is produced from quality material to ensure proper preservation and delivery of pastries. These boxes are usually produced and shipped at a flat rate. It does not also require any form of expertise to assemble.
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