Every May, crowds gather at an ice rink in Sochi for a gala selling the Night Hockey League, a beginner enterprise based with the aid of Russian president Vladimir Putin in 2011. Ex-experts and different prominent figures, inclusive of Putin himself, take to the ice for an exhibition fit that has to end up an exhibit for the president’s hockey prowess.
Putin, who’s the major game is judo, reportedly took up hockey just earlier than he turned 60. Now sixty-six, the president’s capabilities with the stick are simply getting into their very own. At the present day gala match in Sochi, performed last night, Putin had the pleasant game of his life. State-owned media reported that he scored 10 desires, the most within the records of the opposition. The Kremlin’s personal account says Putin scored nine, even as the Associated Press says eight (which could fit his all-time excessive). Putin’s “Hockey Legends” squad, which featured former NHL stars like Vyacheslav Fetisov and Pavel Bure, gained 14-7.
None of the reports make any point out of assists, suggesting that Putin genuinely took rate of the game. What he may lack in seating capacity, he makes up for in overall manipulate of the sector’s 2nd-maximum effective navy and biggest nuclear arsenal, which seems to soften defenses when he (instead slowly) bears down on the net. It doesn’t shield him against inconveniently positioned carpets whilst taking a victory lap, although.

Russian President Vladimir Putin managed to score 8 dreams in an exhibition ice hockey recreation, but his fulfillment becomes overshadowed while he fell face-first at the ice.
The 66-year-vintage changed into taking a victory lap around the Bolshoy Ice Dome in Sochi while he tripped and took the tumble. However, he changed into up on his feet right now and did no longer seem to be injured.
Reuters said that he had fired in 8 goals at some point of the in shape even as gambling alongside National Hockey League gamers as part of an annual subculture.
According to The Guardian, Putin turned into given numerous scoring opportunities via his teammates and changed into met with little or no opposition from the rival crew’s goalkeeper.

Four-year-olds can’t vote in India’s elections. But who says they can not inspire folks that can?
That is precisely what former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s daughter Ziva did when she appeared in a video together with her father, asking all those eligible to vote. Dhoni posted the video offering Ziva, telling his followers, “Go and vote just like Mumma and papa did.”
According to News 18, Dhoni took a few time off from his IPL schedule to fly to his place of origin Ranchi, in which he and his spouse Sakshi forged their votes inside the Lok Sabha elections. “Use your energy,” Dhoni captioned the video. When you are in the big game, you know that all your hockey skills are important. Your skating speed, endurance and your ability to deke opponents as well as your upper body strength to control the puck are all a big part of the game. But it’s the ability to score hockey goals that takes the cake and wins the hockey game in the end.
Most players agree that when a hockey player scores a game-changing, or more importantly, a game-winning goal it creates a moment that lasts a lifetime. Practicing your hockey shooting drills will improve your hockey shooting technique which is a great way to score more goals.

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