Three Montanans stuck two grizzly bears swimming throughout Lake Frances on video as they crossed the lake in a boat Saturday afternoon to try their success fishing.
They have been amazed through the trap.
“It was pretty loopy,” Jason Runstrom stated of the uncommon mid-lake come upon.
Lake Frances is close to Pondera County’s Valier, a community of 500 human beings 82 miles northwest of Great Falls between U.S. Highway 89 and Interstate 15.
Runstrom turned into with Chelsea Alfson and Kevin Bobick once they noticed the bears around 1 p.M.
At first, they noticed something bobbing within the water, Alfson stated.
Maybe birds? That’s what they notion.
As they got nearer they found out it turned into bears.
“It turned into great,” Alfson stated.
They watched the two younger grizzly bears from approximately 30 toes away, capturing the instant on video.
“Well men,” one among them is heard saying as they were sluggish the boat to look at. “Right right here we’ve grizzly bears inside the lake.”
The trio of anglers, from the Fort Shaw location, had been using to the alternative side of the lake, closer to the Lighthouse Restaurant, once they noticed the bears about 300 yards from shore.

The intensity at that location becomes 27 toes, in line with the fish finder. The water temperature becomes fifty-one stages.
“They knew we were there,” Runstrom said of the bears. “They didn’t need anything to do with us.”
The bears swam away and the fisherman took off, too however watched from binoculars because the bears made it to the east shore of the lake.
Wesley Sarmento, a undergo control specialist with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, stated the bears were about two-and-a-1/2 years antique and possibly siblings that these days had been kicked out by means of their moms because the breeding season has started.
“So those bears are very inexperienced or dumb if you’ll,” Sarmento said. “They have not found out to worry human beings and they are much more likely to be visible out inside the open all through the day.”
Before they have been seen inside the lake, FWP acquired reviews the bears were on an island where they may have been feeding on bird eggs, Sarmento said.
“It’s probably they got spooked by humans after which took off (swimming),” Sarmento stated.
The video suggests the bears, in short, combating at one point as they swim within the lake.
Sarmento believes the bears fought due to the fact they had been agitated about the presence of humans and instinctively took it out on each different.
Ideally, Sarmento said, it’d had been higher if the anglers had not gotten so close to the bears.
Bears that learn how to grow to be secure within the presence of humans can cause issues down the street, Sarmento said.
“These are bears we need to proactively do damaging conditioning directly to teach them to be-frightened of humans,” stated Sarmento, noting FWP had additionally received a file Friday approximately the bears.
FWP is now tracking their moves with a view to trying this unfavorable conditioning, Sarmento stated.
“If they learn now, they’re going to be a trouble for us inside the future,” stated Sarmento.
Residents must cozy meals attractants so they do not entice bears, he brought.

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