What is it approximately hockey that causes some folks to lose their perspective on humanity? And, I’m not speak approximately the civility of the sport, that’s a vintage school vs new college, does prevent — and other diverse difficult stuff — have a function in hockey debate.
Hockey, for reasons that are but to be discovered, brings out the buffoonery in people in approaches that no different sport does. We don’t demean anyone’s know-how of baseball, or football, or basketball, or tennis, or golfing, or ANY other sport based on wherein they stay or what they sound like.
Hockey? Have at it.
“I can’t stand to listen to someone with a southern accessory communicate about hockey.” — Fred Toettcher from the Toucher and Rich morning display on Boston’s The Sports Hub.
This was the said reason for slicing short a Wednesday interview with Chip Alexander, Hurricanes beat reporter for the News and Observer. It’s as even though it turned into a criminal act. I can simply see the scene on the subsequent episode of CSI: Clayton.
Police officer: Son, you’re being charged with talking about the Stanley Cup Playoffs with a southern accessory.
Suspect: But, officer….It becomes iiiiiicing. And, the refs missed the cawl!
Somehow, that’s common. I suggest it’s obviously juvenile and demeaning on its face. But, in hockey, it’s par for the route. And, it’s horrendous for the game. God forbid the sport grows heaps of recent fanatics in non-conventional places. I imply, what could we ever do with them, sell them $275 greenback jerseys and membership seats? Parking is going to be a headache! We can’t have that, now, are we able to?

Friday morning, Toettcher stated he didn’t hang up on Alexander because of a southern drawl, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. He claims that it changed into simply due to the fact he felt that Chip turned into dull. Well, why no longer say that? How difficult is it to say “man, that became making me doze off. We had to bail, sorry.”
Nope. It’s funnier to make a crack about a southern accent even though it’s degrading, lowest commonplace denominator behavior. And, it’s hockey. Which seemingly belongs simplest in northern cities, and solely pronounced on via humans with harsh, hardscrabble speech styles.
Are people with southern accents dumb? Because that’s the insinuation. Wait, Matlock turned into clever, right? He’s from the south. And, he wore seersucker. Or perhaps, Matlock becomes smart in spite of having a southern accessory and sporting seersucker.
Is hockey so extraordinarily complex that each person who works “y’ all” into a sentence can’t parent out if the percent is blown up or stuffed?
Note: That last one is a trick question. It’s really chiseled out of slate.

Now, the tale has blown up. It’s long gone viral throughout the internet and has grown to be a countrywide communique, perfect fodder for callers to sports speak radio — not continually the nice examples of the human situation I might factor out. Friday, came a wonderful example of this at the statewide David Glenn Show, heard locally in Raleigh on 99.Nine the Fan from midday to a few:00 pm.
Chuck in Charlotte (who mentioned that he is a Boston native, simply in case you had been scoring at domestic) got the ball rolling with this gem:
“You’ve got a respectable city up here, however what a pathetic excuse for a hockey town. You men think you already know hockey but I’ve never genuinely heard rednecks communicate hockey before and I’m kinda weirded out by using it.”
Well, that without a doubt become a sturdy open, Charles. There truly wasn’t any extra substance to his call, for numerous motives that aren’t vital to explore, but there has been no instance given proving why southern humans can’t talk approximately the sport, nor why this gentleman become weirded out with the aid of that phenomenon. My experience is that we might have been looking ahead to the next Flyers Stanley Cup earlier than Charlie would have really gotten to a cogent factor.

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